Confessions of an Author ~ John Locke

New York Times best-selling book, Saving Rachel, has been translated into seven different languages and has sold nearly 400,000 copies in the past year! It’s the story of what happens when killers force Sam Case to choose between his wife and his mistress, and one of them must die. But Sam’s mistress and wife have secrets of their own. Secrets that could change everything!


“If Dean Koontz collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock at the circus, this would be their brain child.”  –Dusty Mills, Vintage DM Book Reviews

Saving Rachel transcends ordinary storytelling into a class of genius!”  –Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

“For the first time, having read more than 1,000 books, I found myself on a blind-folded, thrilling roller coaster ride with no idea what twists and turns were coming up next. I pride myself in having never been stumped by a work of fiction. Saving Rachel has ruined me.”  –Todd Rutherford, @PublishingGuru


The secret from this book? There are several. The initial scene takes place at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, in the room where my wife and I celebrated an anniversary.  A number of pivotal scenes take place in Sam Case’s home, which is described in detail. This is my home in real life, down to the smallest detail. Also, there is this scene on page 46:

I look around the kitchen for a note or any type of sign she might have left me.

Nothing, unless you count the purse.

I do.

I get her purse and dump the contents out on the table.

There’s got to be something here.

I pick up the items one by one: a pink leather Coach wallet containing four credit cards, assorted gift cards, a Kentucky driver’s license, and fifty-three dollars in cash. There’s a small can of TREsemme hair spray; a green plastic Clinique compact; sugar-free Tic Tacs, Paradise Mint flavor; an ink pen; an eyebrow pencil; a pack of moistened towelettes; and a checkbook with no entries written in the check ledger. I check the zippered side section and find three packets of Splenda, some loose change, and three cards with romantic messages she’d received with flowers from yours truly.

Being a guy, and having no idea what the contents of a lady’s purse might contain, I asked my wife if I could dump the contents of her purse on the kitchen table and record what I found. She agreed, and now you know what was in it the night I wrote this scene.

One more secret: there’s an important scene in the book involving a bra. Yup, I copied the tag on one of my wife’s actual bras, except that the size I wrote about in Saving Rachel was smaller than my wife’s.

Saving Rachel is currently available in mass market paperback in Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, and airport bookstores across the country for only $4.99!  It can also be found here on Amazon as an ebook, for only $2.99!


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  1. Shay Fabbro says:

    John Locke is on my TBR list! His books sound so intriguing! :)

  2. Sally Dubats says:

    Fun blog! John is a brilliant salesman :) My husband has read all his books — I need to get busy! (Writers are always so busy writing, though!) Thanks, Lia, for hosting John Locke.

    Sally Dubats

  3. An amusing but useful glimpse into the great John Locke’s secrets, Lia. Thanks for sharing this – worth remembering. A lot of things in my own books are based on real life stuff I’m familiar with – lots of the irish scenes in Belfast Girls and in Danger Danger are places I know well, for instance.