Confessions of an Author ~ Ey Wade

Accomplished author Ey Wade joins us on the Confessions blog today. She shares a secret about her book The Women of the Hill, and gives us a sneak peek at an emotional scene.


The Women of the Hill is  women’s fiction and the story of five female friends involved in a  devastating relationship with the same man.

“Why couldn’t he tell me he wanted to marry someone else? Shamel was constantly asking me if I loved him. Telling me he loved me and he knew he was lying and cutting my heart out.” Tears were running down her face as fast as she could wipe them. “My heart hurts. It really does. You know when you hear women say that their man has broken their heart, you want to laugh and say, yeah right. Now, I know how they feel. I don’t know whether to cry, scream, find him and kill him or just lie down and die.” She wiped a few desolate tears from her face. “Shamel knew that I would probably have dumped him like I did before. We’ve had a few disagreements during our relationship and they had mostly been about the baby. At first, he didn’t want it; wanted me to have an abortion. Denied it was his. He even had us go through blood tests after Shamey was born. I was totally humiliated. He knew I had never slept with anyone else and he’s trying to use the same lines again.”

Rayne moved to stand and I pushed my chair back to let her go. She took a couple of steps, dragged her fingers slowly through her hair and turned around. Looking at me, she gave a weak smile.

“I’m a fool, huh?”


The secret from this book? The idea of the story came from the hard times my friends and I were having in our lives and relationships. There is more truth than fiction within the pages. The conversations about men disappearing from the females lives, being there one minute and married to someone else the next are scenes torn directly from my life. Easier to handle when writing a book.

More information about Ey Wade and The Women of the Hill can be found at IN THE CHAIR

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  1. Ey Wade says:

    Thank you, Lia. This looks lovely.

  2. This book sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing a part of it with us!!!