New Reader to Reader Series

Avid readers, booklovers, fiction fans of all kinds, this is your opportunity to be heard. Introducing a new series where you, the reader, are the star.* Become an instant book blogger by participating in my new Reader to Reader series. Each week I will select a new reader to guest blog on my website. You can choose from a variety of topics or select your own. Simply reply to this post below and let me know your topic. I’ll make the selections and contact those chosen.Then write a paragraph of 200-500 words.** I’ll post it on my site and other readers can respond to your post.


What book made a huge impact on you personally – RESERVED FOR LEANNA

Describe your ultimate reading experience

Books that should be a series

What do you want from authors today – RESERVED FOR CLARE

Classics that are still great today

Your thoughts on 99cent books – RESERVED FOR KATE

Indie writers versus traditionally published writers – DONE BY CYNTHIA

Your experience with eReaders – DONE BY STEPHANIE

Sleeper Reads: What book most pleasantly surprise you- DONE BY TANYA

Book Length: The long and short of it – RESERVED FOR JANA

Book Covers: What draws you in – DONE BY ANNMARIE

Paper Backs: Are they on their way out

Male versus Female writers: Can you tell the difference – DONE BY CORAL

Favorite books that should be movies – RESERVED FOR JANA

Young Adult: Are they getting too “Adult” – RESERVED FOR ASHLEIGH

The future of Novels: Where are we heading?

New Genres: Good or Bad?

Book Reviews: Are they helpful – RESERVED FOR KRISTINA

Social Media and Connecting with Authors:

Readers Choice – Talk about what you want

{To see some of these posts, check the blog section of this website}


*Readers only. Please, no professional writers
**I reserve the right to refuse posting of any content I feel is not appropriate.

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  1. hi Lia! this is a great idea! i’d love to be a part of this but my plate is full lately. i’ll let you know as soon as i can squeeze in some free time. thanks again! c”,)

  2. Jim Murdoch says:

    I’ve written a wee article for you about book length stating the case for the novella if you’re interested.

    Jim Murdoch

    • Lia says:

      Thanks Jim, but I’m reserving this forum for readers only. I want to give them the opportunity to do guest blogs here, and speak to other readers.

  3. Cynthia Garcia says:

    This is great Lia! I would be happy participate! I would like to talk about Indie writers versus traditionally published writers. Let me know when you need my bit so I can type it up.

  4. Coral says:

    Oh topics! I’ll take any of those!!! :-)

  5. Julia Hughes says:

    Hi Lia, brilliant theme and can’t wait to read the guest bloggers’ thoughts.

    Julia xx

  6. This is a great idea I want to do this with you. Please include me Jackie Paulson

    • Lia says:

      Jackie: Thanks for your interest. This series is for readers to talk with other readers and is not available to published authors. You can however post your comments to the guest posts when the series starts. Thanks.

  7. Clare Stubbs says:

    Hi Lia,

    This is a really great idea. I would love to do a piece on Paper backs: are they are on their way out?

    Many thanks,


  8. Kate says:

    Hi Lia,

    I’d love to do the one on 99cent books. When should I have it to you?